Local Attractions

local-attractions-in-nicaraguaWhat’s happening?  Calendar of events and happenings in Granada


Genereal information, events & helpful information for those relocating to the area:


Baseball!! Join local Nicaraguans in their love of baseball.  Enjoy and action paced day/evening at the ball park.  Two leagues so check the calendar on each website.

Bird Watching:

There are 227 bird species documented in The Laguna de Apoyo Reserve – many who call The Laguna Beach Club home

Nature Hiking:

Explore the dry tropical reserve of Laguna de Apoyo where you will discover numerous plands and tropical dry trees, such as pochote, black rosewood, mahogany, marmalade plum and guacuco as well as beautiful orchids. Howler monkeys, Iguanas, Variegated Squirrels and other wildlife. There are trails that allow you to hike to Catarina (the Mirador of Laguna de Apoyo)


Catarina is a town near Masaya, overlooking the Laguna de Apoyo. Catarina is famous for its magnificent view of the lagoon.

The Mirador de Catarina is one of the highest hills surrounding the Laguna de Apoyo, and the view from here is amazing. You can see all the lagoon and Lake Nicaragua which is behind it. The Mombacho Volcano surrounding the lake is also present in this view.


The craft market in Masaya is a great site for handcrafted souvenirs and enjoy Nicaraguan folklore shows. It is a friendly setting filled with many small colorful local memories. In the environment, restored the ancient walls of the neo-colonial period give a special touch to this place.

In this historic place, every Thursday afternoon, there is  a cultural show called La Verbena,  you can see dance, floklore and enjoy traditional Nicaraguan cuisine.

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